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Ace Attorney Shipping Chart - Don't Kill Me by philipthepatsy
Ace Attorney Shipping Chart - Don't Kill Me
All credit goes to CrazytheRandomPony for blank meme chart. Original found here: crazytherandompony.deviantart.…

I'll be quite frank: I really care about shipping in anything. I just go with whatever the creators want me to go with (I mean, I tend to like couples that are introduced as canon, and I may occasionally think, "They'd be good together", but overall, I don't care. Unless it's something like breaking up husbands and wives or long-term relationships). I really just prefer the story as opposed to worrying about who would look good dating who. That being said, I've been playing the Ace Attorney series a lot recently (as in, the past 8 years or so), which introduced me to one the one pairing that I really, really like, if only because I like the two characters. I'll talk about that one later. Although I'm more interested in the overall story, I will admit that Ace Attorney has enough story to it that shipping is not nearly as much as a bad thing in it as opposed to, say, series with little, if any, romance in it.

No offense to CrazytheRandomPony, but I found some of his character choices for this meme to be a little puzzling. This goes with characters that weren't included (Pearl Fey, Dahlia Hawthorne) and characters that were (Lisa Basil, Quercus Alba, etc.) Nevertheless, I found the meme amusing, and decided to give my own opinions. Or, perhaps more accurately, throw myself to the wolves. 

Since my lines and words aren't very clear (I don't write much better with a pen and paper, to be honest), I'll just spell everything out for you here.

If you like a pairing I don't or vice-versa, I'm not going to raise a stink about it. Trust me. I don't have anything against fans of particular pairings. It's just mean, and for that matter, a waste of energy.

Favorite Pairing (Pink):
Phoenix and Iris (They're my favorite characters in the entire series, and I honestly don't know why, but I just really want the two of them to end up together.)

Miles and Oldbag (I actually think Edgeworth is more or less married to his job, and thus has no interest in dating anyone...but come on...Edgeworth and Oldbag is the hottest thing you have ever seen.)

Payne and his wife (She's mentioned in 3-1, and according to Payne and the Judge, is actually quite attractive.)

Manfred and his wife (His daughter had to come from somewhere. I read that he praises his wife in Investigations 2, but I have yet to watch any videos or read any translated scripts to confirm this.)

Gant and swimming (DUH!)

Judge and his wife (She's mentioned several times. Also, he's a grandfather, so there you go.)

Gregory and Miles' mom (Who is Miles' mom? Whatever, it's the only thing that would make sense anyway.)


Gumshoe and Maggey (This one actually has canon to it, and I like both characters a lot.)

Mia and Diego/Godot (More canon, though I'm not the biggest fan of Godot, or Mia for that matter. But they at least work out together just fine)

Apollo and Juniper (I really like both characters, and it amuses me that they're kind of the young Phoenix and Iris. Though, I don't know how much Apollo really cares for her in the romantic sense, if at all.)

Meekins and Blue Badger (Just a joke. Don't take it too seriously. Although, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.)

Ron and Desiree (They're married, for goodness's sake!)

Tigre and his scooter (Again, just a joke.)

Kristoph and Dahlia (It would be kind of hard for them to get together, but I like the idea of them as the anti-Phoenix and Iris. Though, I think both are far too selfish to get with anyone. I think Dahlia's best match is herself...or maybe Melissa Foster.)


Maya and Larry (They're both childish enough that I could see it working. Also, Maya seems to tolerate Larry much more than anyone else.)

Apollo and Athena (I don't know. I just got a "friendly co-worker" vibe from them.)

Lana and Jake (There wasn't really a lot from either character to make me think they'd be in a relationship. Unless I just can't remember properly.)

Franziska and Larry (Mostly a joke, because Franziska doesn't like him.)

Ema and Klavier (I honestly don't care enough to like or dislike this pairing. It at least has some merit to it, in a "You like me!" "No I don't!" kind of way, I guess.)

Luke Atmey ... with himself (Self-explanatory, but I think he's just incredibly arrogant as opposed to L'Belle level-narcissism.) 

Rhoda and Miles (I think it would be kind of cute...but Rhoda more than likely isn't going to be a reoccurring character, so it doesn't matter. Also, as I said above, I see Miles as celibate.)


Adrian and Franziska (I honestly didn't get this vibe from them, although I can kind of see Adrian as a woman attracted to other women.)


Phoenix and Miles (I'm sorry fans of this ship, but I never once got this vibe from them. They come across as old, friendly rivals to me, and nothing more.)

Apollo and Trucy (I think incest is awful. Also, Trucy even mentions that "It's like I've met my brother!" or something along those lines at the end of Apollo Justice.)

Apollo and Klavier (I never got this vibe from either guy. I think Klavier's line of "feeling this way with a man" was just a joke. Honestly, Apollo seems more or less jealous of Klavier.)

Juan and Matt (They hated each other! Matt even hired De Killer to kill Juan off!)

Adrian and Matt (Adrian hates Matt, and he only saw her as a pawn. Nothing romantic here.)

Tigre and Viola (Similar to the above, though at least Viola WANTED Tigre to love her, at least. It's just, as much as I like Tigre, he was far more afraid of Bruto to like her in the least bit.)

Iris and Dahlia (Not mentioned on the meme, but this pairing legitimately disgusts me. I really like both characters, and accidentally stumbling upon pictures of them in a lesbian relationship just annoys me. Incest, and not to mention completely out of character for both twins. Dahlia loves only herself, and Iris even mentioned that she would have killed Dahlia if she had too, in order to save Phoenix.)

Dark Red

Redd White (My least favorite character.)

Juan (I don't HATE him, per se, but he was a complete jerk. Also, you never meet him, so I can't really "like" him, anyway.)

Klavier (Again, I don't HATE him, but I find him extremely uninteresting.)

Wellington (My 2nd least favorite character. Hmm, perhaps he and Redd White would be good together...Ew....)

Kay (I don't HATE her, but good grief, do I find her annoying. I mean, I don't really like Maya, but Kay just pushes a lot of my buttons.)


Lang (I just don't care about this character.)

Lisa (I haven't the slightest idea who you would pair her up with. A computer?)

Calisto/Shih-na (She seemed too selfish to care about dating anyone.)

Colias (Again, I don't know who you'd pair him up with.)

Alba (Far too self-centered to date anyone, unless there was some chick he dated during the war he was in.)

Simon (Honestly, he seemed far too samurai to care about being in a relationship.)

I have no OC's, so no green.

Let me know what you think. I know for a fact that I don't have the same opinions on most Ace Attorney characters that most fans do, so I'm more than willing to hear about other opinions. 

All characters are owned by Capcom.


United States
Pleased to meet you!

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